7K! is the youngest addition to the !K7 Music family,  having released its first album in May 2017. The ambition of 7K! is to be a hub for artists creating contemporary music which is inspired by and based upon classical composition structures. 7K! encompasses a record label, artist management department, and a label services department – mirroring the services of !K7 Music, our more electronic sibling, in order to care for the many and various needs of each artist we proudly work with.

7K!’s label roster includes: Echo Collective, Henrik Schwarz, Hior Chronik, Luca D’Alberto, Maike Zazie, Martyn Heyne and Niklas Paschburg.

Our label partners in 7K!’s label services division include Henrik Schwarz’ label Between Buttons and Moscow-based independent label Dronarivm.

A further string to our bow, 7K! is currently developing a new series called Plunderphonia. The concept of the project is to invite artists to create new compositions from fragments of existing classical compositions. It aims to ‘plunder’ the rich pool of classical music history and to place selected parts in a new context, in order to create something new, unique and unprecedented.

!K7 has a rich history of influence in this musical world even prior to the formal creation of 7K!, having signed Amiina for their global release of ‘Kurr’ in 2007. From 2009 !K7 also represented Brandt Brauer Frick for management, as well as developing their global career through the release of three albums via !K7’s own label.