Kicking off with the single “Ontology of Things” by the cinematic and daring British composer Roger Goula, the new compilation Ambient Layers will be out December 4th on 7K!

Ambient Layers is a journey – In a moment in which travelling has become a little more complicated, we have curated a collection of songs that encourage you to wander with the mind, aided by the exploratory sounds of ambient music.

This is Ambient Layers, the new compilation from 7K!’s Layers series (started in 2019 with Piano Layers and followed in 2020 by String Layers), dedicated to the discovery of new sensations in the space between acoustic and electronic elements. Across 20 exclusive tracks Ambient Layers traverses the sonic planes, analysing and manipulating the world around us to redefine contemporary ambient music as we know it.

Listen & preoder here: