Vetle Nærø – Introspection

7K! Presents “Hypnagogia”, the second single taken from «Introspection», a brand new album from Norwegian pianist & composer Vetle Nærø.   «Introspection» is an album inspired by an inward, emotional, gaze, conveying feelings which are often difficult to translate into words. Introspection revolves around a look inward to observe our own varying selves and how these […]

Niklas Paschburg – Little Orc (Uele Lamore Remix)

We’re very pleased to present a new Niklas Paschburg remix by Uèle Lamore. The latest chapter in Niklas Paschburg’s rework project, a series focusing on reimaginings his most recent album ‘Svalbard’. After the experimental pop of ‘Bathing In Blue’ with Millie Turner, and the oblique rap of Ex Mykah on ‘Cyan’, it is now time […]

Simon Goff – Vale

Simon’s album Vale is The British violinist and composer’s dazzling exploration of the interface between violin and technology and between the poles of intimacy and grandeur, as rich and deep and wide as the landscape that lies its heart, named after the Vale of York where Goff grew up. Goff’s artistic project is one which […]

Vetle Nærø – Waves

Vetle Nærø becomes part of the 7K! Records’ family with the single “Waves”. Born in Oslo in 2000, Nærø moved to Ålesund at 5 years old where began studying piano, starting with classics such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff. He then discovered the forefathers of minimalism such as Philip Glass and Arvo Part, before turning his […]


On ‘Cyan’ Niklas Paschburg’s unique brand of ambient pop meets a synergy of rap and experimental production by Ex Mykah, the alter ego of LA-based violinist Bryan Senti. The track is a culture clash, a melding of distant worlds to create a distinct new identity for one of the most effervescent tracks from Paschburg’s latest […]

Ambient Layers Compilation Out Now!

20 exclusive songs by 20 artists from around the world describe and define one of the most hidden secrets of music, what is the secret? Ambient Music is really everywhere and part of our lives. Ambient Layers is a journey. In a moment in which travelling has become a little more complicated, we have curated a […]

Niklas Paschburg feat. Millie Turner – Bathing in Blue out now!

At the end of February 2020 Niklas Paschburg released his second album ‘Svalbard’, named after the North Pole archipelago where it was written and conceived. Today Niklas presents afresh interpretation of ‘Bathing in Blue’, one of the most expressly “pop” songs of the album. For the first time we see the German composer collaboratingin the […]

Echo Collective – The See Within

In only a few years, Brussels – based Echo Collective have forged an enviable reputation in the post – classical world: sought out for their instrumental and arranging expertise by icons such as A Winged Victory For The Sullen and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, or lending their interpretative intuition to genres as diverse as alt.rock, […]

New Alex Braga Spleen Machine EP

Alex Braga straddles many worlds; he is a musician, a conceptual artist and an inventor. But regardless of the hat he is wearing on any given day, his goal remains the same; “to find the infinite inside the finite boundaries of our world,” he says. As a conceptual artist, this involves thinking of ways in […]

7K! launches a new series – Plunderphonia

Plunderphonia is a new series of musical projects that create original music by “plundering” unexpected historical sources and genre blueprints. Developed by !K7 founder Horst Weidenmüller, the debut Plunderphonia album has been recorded by Grammy nominated artist PC Nackt – collaborator with Apparat and José González and creative head of The String Theory and Warren Suicide.Continuing a theme explored in Henrik Schwarz’s 2018 Plunderphonia concert, which re- appropriated 700 […]