Rubin Henkel – Restless

Rubin Henkel announces his new album ‘Restless’ on 7K! Records along with his brand new single ‘Ruhelos’!   Rubin Henkel is an artist who reconfigures memory throughout his music. In his debut album Ruhe (2018) Rubin collected the first melodies he ever recorded around his childhood and early teens. Back then he captured the music […]

Piano Layers Vol. II

The 88 black and white keys of the piano provide the basis for the next of the 7K! Records’ “Layers” series, the part of the !K7 label group which is dedicated to avant-garde and instrumental sounds. The series is put together to highlight music that exists between the avant-garde, contemporary-classical and instrumental worlds. As with […]

Kansas Smitty’s – Plunderphonia

On this essential new collection of forward-looking jazz reinterpretations, Kansas Smitty’s bandleader Giacomo Smith delves deep into the catalogues of celebrated yet often overlooked artists that inspire his work with Kansas Smitty’s; Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbeck, even Maurice Ravel Created for the ‘Plunderphonia’ series for 7K!, itself a reinterpretation of the acclaimed !K7 DJ-Kicks […]

Tomat – Diistemi

Diistemi is a Greek verb that means to place separately, to put asunder, to disjoin. Diistemi EP. was conceived and produced during the first pandemic lock down, between March and May 2020, at home with analog synthesizers, a modular system and a bunch of Max MSP and Reaktor patches.  “As a collection of photographs of […]

Peter Zummo – Second Spring

The american composer & trombonist (also known for his collaboration with Arthur Russell and John Lurie’s The Lounge Lizards) meets the british director Andy Kelleher and has recorded a breathtaking soundtrack for an emotionally gripping movie that puts a spotlight on Fronto-Temporal-Degeneration (FTD) and how people affected by that incurable disease (and those around them) […]

Vetle Nærø – State of Mind EP

Vetle Nærø ‘State of Mind’ is an EP consisting of three minimalistic miniatures. These three pieces are all based on the concept that music is able to convey a single present feeling and moment, which forms a current state of mind. The new EP is out 6th August 2021 on 7K! Records. “Each track was […]

Tomat – OHT- Un Teatro è Un Teatro è Un Teatro è Un Teatro – EP

The new EP is out 9th July 2021 on 7K! Records. Conceived as music for the Theater play by OHT and Filippo Andreatta (UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO), this EP by Tomat confirms the Turin artist / producer as one of the most interesting contemporary and ambient voices in […]

Niklas Paschburg – Post Svalbard

Today we announce closing song on the album ‘Winter Born’ featuring Hania Rani. The Polish singer, pianist, composer lends her voice for a touching and emotional song that celebrates freedom again after the travails of life. The new rework album will be out July 24th. On February 28th 2020 Niklas Paschburg released his second album […]

Wind Layers Compilation

7K! Records release the latest edition in their compilation series ‘Layers’. Wind Layers focusses on wind instruments and their influence on the contemporary classical multiverse, with musical creations that delicately balance acoustic expression, electronic refractions and ambient recall. 7K! Records release the latest edition in their compilation series ‘Layers’. Wind Layers focusses on wind instruments […]

Laura Masotto – WE

WE is a journey in search of humanity, a deep observation of our society and of our human condition, a search for emotions in a year which has led us to look inside ourselves. The New album is out now via 7K! records. With WE Laura Masotto conveys her own realisations about what she has […]