Henrik Schwarz, Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley

Photo:  Reinout Bos

Praise for Scripted Orchestra

“Henrik Schwarz’s inimitable sound combines acoustic and electronic elements like no one else” – DJ-Mag
“one of his most unique and interesting projects to date” – Magnetic Mag
“a progressively masterful representation of out front orchestral instrumentation residing high above a very deep electronic underpinning that lays out the dance-ability feels” – Beat Selector Mag
“It’s the real thing, originally planned and brilliantly executed.” – DMC world


Henrik Schwarz, one of electronic music’s most well-respected producers, has collaborated with the internationally renowned Metropole Orkest and its conductor Jules Buckley to release a new, full-length LP titled ‘Scripted Orkestra’ on 7K! Metropole Orkest is one of the world’s leading orchestras when it comes to performing anything but classical music and they have played and helped shape the world of contemporary orchestra music since their foundation in 1945.

Originally performed live as the opening concert of ADE 2016 and broadcast by Boiler Room, this new studio recording delves further into Schwarz’s increasingly formidable orchestral talent, showcasing the incomparable thrill of seamlessly blending acoustic performance with computer generated music.

“Some say orchestra music is dying, that orchestras are dying. I believe they are about to be reborn,” says Schwarz. “Computers and technology are taking over our lives; people have been hiding behind their screens, but there’s a yearning for more human interaction. With orchestras, the human element is undeniable. I think there are some very interesting developments happening in modern composition. It’s at the start of something new.” In a way, orchestras are a perfect mirror of society.”


Scripted Orkestra