Martyn Heyne – Carry

Niklas Paschburg – Anew

Niklas Paschburg – Sand Whirling

Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest – AlgoRhythm

Maike Zazie – Mädchen Vom Anderen Stern

Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest feat. Ben Westbeech – Counter Culture

Luca D’Alberto – Like We Were

Luca D’Alberto – The Truth About Us

Luca D’Alberto – Consequences

Echo Collective – I Might Be Wrong

Niklas Paschburg – Spark

Luca D’Alberto – Yellow Moon (Official Music Video)

Hior Chronik – Whispers from the Surface of a Lake

Martyn Heyne – Carry (Official Video)

Luca D’Alberto – Wait for Me