7K! is a member of the !K7 Music family, having released its first album in May 2017. The ambition of 7K! is to be a hub for artists creating contemporary music which is inspired by and based upon classical composition structures. 7K! encompasses a record label and a label services department – mirroring the services of !K7 Music, the parent company.  

The label image consists of experimentation and innovation. It plays with unpredictable, cinematic, and deep themes, serving as a link between classical, ambient and avant-garde music. 7K! is a platform for young artists to express themselves, free from conventional thinking.

The label roster includes a range of artists working within these genres including: Simon Goff, Vetle Nærø, Laura Masotto,Echo Collective, Hior Chronik, Maike Zazie and the Niklas Paschburg. Past 7K! collaborations have included Henrik Schwarz, Luca D’Alberto and Martyn Heyne. 7K! also encompasses the Plunderphonia Project which invites artists to create new compositions from fragments of existing classical composition.