‘Ambient Layers Vol. II’, part of 7K!’s Layers series, presents 21 unreleased and exclusive compositions from a wide-ranging cast of international artists.

Established figures inside the ambient scene such as UK’s Marconi Union and Canada’s Loscil pair up with emerging artists resulting in a compilation spanning across 12 different countries  – from the India-based Bios Contrast, to Finland’s Marko Nyberg, as well as Nairobi-born Joseph Kamaru (aka KMRU) and Italy’s Paolo Angeli, to name a few.

This compilation offers a snapshot of the multifaceted genre of ambient music by showcasing 21 compositions exploring its boundless nature.

KMRU – Or Even Forever
Marconi Union – Inland Borders
Olec Mün – Unmani
Jacaszek – Chant 2
Paolo Angeli – Gomena
Loscil – Two Chambers
Skalpel – Syntetik
Tomat – bladfald
Wataru Sato – Crossing Horizons
Arigto – Stoic Reservation
Cubenx – Playa Malpaso
Earth Begins, Stead & Gommarosa – Iride
Psycho & Plastic – No End
Marko Nyberg feat. Petja Virikko – Inevitable
George Hurd – Silent Winter
Jonsjooel – Sand/Brother
Dienne – APCF
Bios Contrast – The Fog of War
Sundrugs – Rapids
Inlet Industry – OSS (Ambient Layers Mix)