Hior Chronik reveals new album

There is a dark and cinematic atmosphere that chases throughout the new album by the Greek composer and producer Hior Chronik, a natrual sequel to “Out Of The Dust”, released on 7K! in 2017. While retaining an ambient and modern-classic dimension, Blind Heaven goes in search of new territories to observe and interpret. He delivers beautiful soundscapes made of synthesizers, electronics, strings and above all the piano.

Created between the autumn and winter of 2019 in Berlin, “Blind Heaven” confirms Hior Chronik as one of the main names of the scene poised between the electronic-ambient world and that of modern classic minimalism. The album features collaborations with some key artists including: Erased Tapes’ Masayoshi Fujita, Polish pianist Hania Rani, the priducer and sound engineer Francesco Donadello as well as New York’s Amber Ortolano.

“Blind Heaven” will be out on November 8th on 7K! as LP, CD, streaming and download.


Listen here to Hior Chronik’s first single ‘One Eternity at a Time’ feat. Francesco Donadello