Niklas Paschburg – Husky Train (Ah! Kosmos Remix)

7K! presents the latest chapter in Niklas Paschburg’s rework project, a series focusing on reimaginings of the German producer and pianist’s most recent album ‘Svalbard’. After the experimental pop of ‘Bathing In Blue’ with Millie Turner, the oblique rap of Ex Mykah on ‘Cyan’, and a reinterpretation by Parisian composer Uèle Lamore, we shift focus to a sound journey with Turkish producer Ah! Kosmos. The new rework combines Niklas’ post-classical influence with the cosmic synth waves of Ah! Kosmos, communicating an ethereality within the music.

Niklas Paschburg is one of the most interesting and original voices to have emerged from the post-classic and ambient scene in recent years. Since his debut ‘Oceanic’ (7K! – 2018) and the following ‘Svalbard’ (7K! – Feb. 2020), the 26-year-old German producer/pianist has carved out his own unique space, leading him to tour all over Europe with a growing audience response and streaming numbers. Niklas has also collaborated on the remixes of artists such as RYX, Asgeir, Gabriel Olaf, Nils Hoffmann.


Ah! Kosmos also known as Başak Günak is a producer and performer born in Istanbul and based in Berlin. In the last 6 years, she has released two LPs from Compost Records & Denovali Records, plus numerous EPs. Both timeless and otherworldly, Günak’s work unconsciously defies being tied to a genre, tapping into something beyond an immediate surrounding or experience to communicate something more transcendental. Günak uses polyrhythms, electronic composition and found sounds to build a mystical world of modulation into which one can sink and be carried away.

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