Niklas Paschburg

About Niklas Paschburg

More than 3 years have passed since Niklas Paschburg presented his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Oceanic’ in February 2018. Niklas’ musical ideas have crystalised and become cogent through a combination of extensive live performance and experimentation in his Berlin Studio. 

Written between 2018 and 2019, his second album ‘Svalbard’ was released in February 2020 via !7K. Niklas’ use of the piano; electronics (synth and computer) and his Grandfather’s piano accordion allow him to communicate via a number of musical traditions and languages. This versatility has allowed him to work on a variety of projects ranging from an inspired reinterpretation of Bach’s Preludes in C Minor (“Blooming”), to well received remixes for pop artists such as RYX and Asgeir. 

His second album, ‘Svalbard’ was written in the winter of 2019 on the Norwegian islands, almost at the North Pole. When he was there it was always – 20° C and with 24h darkness.

Once Niklas had finished writing, he took these compositions to Andy Barlow of Lamb (U2, Fink and Willie Nelson). In Brighton they worked together and Andy recorded, produced and mixed ‘Svalbard’ into its final state.

Paschburg’s music is unique in its ability to be both melancholic and positive, an embrace to lift anxieties and encourage meditation, whilst also making the listener want to move, dance and run.

After few remixes/reworks by other artists (Pjusk, Ed Carlsen, Nils Hoffmann) now it’s time for Niklas’ first vocal track to bring his unique way of producing ambient music into something that him to the attention of the pop scene, with the help of the wonderful songwriting of the british talent Millie Turner.