On ‘CyanNiklas Paschburg’s unique brand of ambient pop meets a synergy of rap and experimental production by Ex Mykah, the alter ego of LA-based violinist Bryan Senti. The track is a culture clash, a melding of distant worlds to create a distinct new identity for one of the most effervescent tracks from Paschburg’s latest album ‘Svalbard’. ‘Cyan’ is the follow up to the immersive pop rework ‘Bathing In Blue’, featuring UK singer Millie Turner.

“I was asked to rework ‘Cyan’  in the middle of the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd uprisings in the States. It was among the lowest moments in one of the worst years and the lyrics came immediately. I wanted to use ‘Cyan’ as an opportunity to honor them.” – Ex Mykah

For Ex Mykah, ‘Cyan’ was an opportunity to reflect on the events in the United States this summer, adding his powerful lyrical observations and experimental rap style to the track. The touching words were written in the midst of the protests across the country in response to the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and highlight the violence and suffering experienced by those from minority backgrounds.

Cyan’, originally presented in Niklas’ second album ‘Svalbard’, is here revolutionized in a collaboration that focuses on the magical touch of Paschburg’s piano with the sonic creativity of Bryan Senti through his production and violin composition, plus the vocal elements of Ex Mykah.

This collaboration shows the extreme eclecticism and creativity of these two truly unique artists, in a crossover which transcends the boundaries of post-classical and traditional genres.

Listen and order here: https://7k.lnk.to/CyanExMykah