Niklas Paschburg feat. Millie Turner – Bathing in Blue out now!

At the end of February 2020 Niklas Paschburg released his second album ‘Svalbard’, named after the North Pole archipelago where it was written and conceived. Today Niklas presents afresh interpretation of ‘Bathing in Blue’, one of the most expressly “pop” songs of the album.

For the first time we see the German composer collaboratingin the rework phase with avocal partner, the promising English songwriter Millie Turner who at only 20 years old has already garnered attention for her singles ‘Night Running’, ‘Jungle’, and the recent hit ‘Eye Of The Storm’.

‘Bathing in Blue feat. Millie Turner’ once again highlights Niklas’ unique touch and delicatededication to his craft, resulting in a sound that courses through the genres of pianism, electronic and indie, and landing firmly in his innovative blend of ambient pop.

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