Plunderphonia: an experimental new series from 7K!

Plunderphonia is a new series from 7K!. The DNA of the project is to create new compositions from fragments of existing classical compositions. It aims to “plunder” the rich pool of classical music history and to place selected parts in a new context, in order to create something new, unique and unprecedented.

Henrik Schwarz explored 700 string quartet compositions in order to identify the musical segments that he wished to plunder. Sections were taken from more than 70 pieces by composers and musicians including Bach, Bartok, Brahms, Debussy, Dvorak, Ravel, Jonny Greenwood, Mozart, Schubert, and Terry Riley. These selections were recorded with the Alma Quartet, and the “new” segments were turned into digital stems for Schwarz to electronically deconstruct and reconstruct, resulting in a new composition.

Speaking of the work, Schwarz comments: “I would hear hit records in the string quartet compositions. Suddenly you have four bars that are absolutely incredible, that are super modern even if they are 200 years old. By just extracting them and taking away everything else you put it into a new context and find ways of connecting different string quartets into something new”.

In essence, the Plunderphonia musical project represents the exciting current evolution and synchronisation of both the classical and electronic scenes.

Watch the video here.