Niklas Paschburg – Little Orc (Uele Lamore Remix)

We’re very pleased to present a new Niklas Paschburg remix by Uèle Lamore. The latest chapter in Niklas Paschburg’s rework project, a series focusing on reimaginings his most recent album ‘Svalbard’.
After the experimental pop of ‘Bathing In Blue’ with Millie Turner, and the oblique rap of Ex Mykah on ‘Cyan’, it is now time for a reinterpretation by Parisian composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist Uèle Lamore. Utilising the hypnotic piano loop of ‘Little Orc’ Lamore weaves an expansive and Morroconian world, her innovative use of electronics and French touch combining to create a rich and intuitive landscape. This collaboration between Niklas Paschburg and Uèle Lamore presents a seminal union between two of the pioneering young talents in the field of innovative and progressive instrumental music. Listen here