Tomat – Diistemi

Diistemi is a Greek verb that means to place separately, to put asunder, to disjoin.
Diistemi EP. was conceived and produced during the first pandemic lock down, between March and May 2020, at home with analog synthesizers, a modular system and a bunch of Max MSP and Reaktor patches. 

“As a collection of photographs of that period, every track is a simple image, an elementary mental phenomena, an unshiny personal elaboration of feelings I had in my mind at that time .
Forced at home for the first time, for something nobody knew and that nobody could face or recognize, I felt the urgency to do music, but it was tough. Breathing but not living what was happening outside my room, producing was unsatisfactory. I was deleting my projects at night and then trying to recover them the day after with cheesy recovery softwares.” – Tomat

Diistemi is a collection of images and sounds he was feeling, experimenting and creating in those days. A crooked ‘stop and go’ of personal ideas and simple mental processes that helped Tomat pass by the first pandemy, locked at home, yearning for a world outside, trying to face a restart, a new beginning, an escape from the personal shelter he was building, while we were all divided.

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Written, recorded and produced by Tomat @ Home, Turin between March and May 2020.
Vocals in “Siblings” by Camilla Soave and Juli Müllner.
Mixed by Maurizio Borgna.
Mastered by Manuel Oberholzer.
Artwork by Camilla Soave and Francesco Serasso