Tomat – OHT- Un Teatro è Un Teatro è Un Teatro è Un Teatro – EP

The new EP is out 9th July 2021 on 7K! Records. Conceived as music for the Theater play by OHT and Filippo Andreatta (UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO), this EP by Tomat confirms the Turin artist / producer as one of the most interesting contemporary and ambient voices in Europe.
Here Tomat’s music is at the complete service of space.

It is truly an extraordinary journey that Davide Tomat offers in these 4 songs to the audience who love contemporary classic and ambient music.

These four pieces were made as a sound commentary on the theatrical show “UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO” by OHT (OFFICE FOR A HUMAN THEATER) and Filippo Andreatta which will be presented at the Venice Biennale on July 5th live, confirming how Tomat’s work is inseparably linked with the world of modern-art.

This EP takes its name from a theatrical show, and across the release Tomat was able to encompass various aspects that characterize ambient music and show its continual evolution and growth. Music and space become one for the listener similarly to in his previous collaborations with the trombonist Gianluca Petrella (in the duo TOMAT-PETRELLA) or in the soundtracks with Federico Bisozzi (Pastrone! And The Green Gold Of Africa), the electronic touch of Tomat can be hypnotic, dreamy, obsessive, explosive as calm and dry; capable of dissonant dynamics and harmonies but at the same time suitable for all types of listeners.

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