Vetle Nærø – Worlds Collide

7K! presents ‘Worlds Collide’, the third single taken from ‘Introspection’, a brand new album from Norwegian pianist & composer Vetle Nærø. ‘Worlds Collide’ was inspired by the youth and takes us to feelings of nostalgia.


The new single stands out from the other piano tracks on the upcoming album, due to its unique pace and feelings of playfulness. “To me the track is a retrospect to our youth, where the seriousness was non-existent, and the playfulness and joy was in the centre.” It is you in your current inhabited world, colliding with the wistful reminiscence of younger days.


The music-video for ‘Worlds Collide’ is created by Adrian Cousins, filmed on Super 8. Throughout the video, the music of Vetle Nærø in combination with Adrian Cousins footage, takes the viewer through an introspective world through close, nostalgic and melancholic landscapes. Watch the video in full length here


Introspection’ is Nærø‘s first album on 7K! – the follow-up to the self produced debut ‘By Heart’ – and includes the hypnotic lead single ‘Waves’ which was released in December last year. Nærø’s piano composition converts complexity and skill into minimalistic patterns which have great effect. It is important to Nærø to refine and reduce his compositions down, resulting in soundscapes that are concentrated and powerful in their communication and emotive potency.

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