Vetle Nærø – State of Mind EP

Vetle Nærø ‘State of Mind’ is an EP consisting of three minimalistic miniatures. These three pieces are all based on the concept that music is able to convey a single present feeling and moment, which forms a current state of mind. The new EP is out 6th August 2021 on 7K! Records.

“Each track was written in an intense experience of creative flow, with me trying to convey the feeling of my current state of mind, when writing in that exact present moment.” Vetle Nærø

Born in Oslo in 2000, Vetle Nærø moved to Ålesund at 5 years old where began studying piano. He was soon discovering the forefathers of minimalism that created Vetle Nærø’s philosophy and goal to convey feelings and thoughts through his music, to perform and compose emotionally spontaneous music directly from the heart, which is simple and can be understood by anyone.

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Album Credits:
Piano/Keyboards: Vetle Nærø
Producer(s): Morten Reppesgård, Vetle Nærø
Mix and master: Henning Svoren
Poem (State of mind 3): Alexander Fallo
Read by: Samuel Lykkås
Artwork: Jana Sojka
Layout/Design: Paolo Proserpio